To appreciate fully the impact that your choice of keywords and keyword phrases has on your website ranking you must understand the relationship between surfers and Search Engines! We want it to rank for

How does this relationship work? Internet surfers are always looking for some kind of information! They do this by typing in some phrases related to their interest in to the search box provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Surfers always want to find content relevant to their interest. How do search engines provide that kind of information to its users? They search all across the web looking for web sites, blogs, article directories, and even videos that have relevant content according to the keywords or key phrases entered in the search.

The search engines will also return websites that have content similar to those keywords and that really is what latent semantic indexing is – synonyms related to the primary keyword entered. A few years ago it was enough to fill your site with certain keyword phrases on every page and your site would have been selected “as relevant” to searched term! This became known as keyword stuffing and is no longer acceptable to either surfers or the search engines.

Many webmasters took advantage of that and they created websites that just had the aim to get to the first page of the search engines. Since then, search engines have improved their algorithm to ensure that its users get more relevant information to the searched term and hence keep “their customers”. You should note that the search engines will no longer index your site if you continue to use keyword stuffing.

Today it is not even enough to have written content that relates to the entered keyword phrase. Because of the “fight” with their competition, to keep their users, the four major search engines tend to develop algorithms that will think more like humans. That way they want to get content from web sites and articles that will give the exact searched for information to surfers.

And how do they do that? How can they get related content to the searched keyword phrase from the millions of web sites out there?

They developed an algorithm which relies on Latent Semantic Analysis and that system tries to understand the main theme of each web site by comparing the main searched keyword on different sites and tries to find the relationship of those keywords with synonym words and phrases. In simple terms, LSI keywords are synonyms of the main keyword phrase and LSI is abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing.

You can find various topics pertaining to the latent semantic analysis search and understand the importance of misspelling words, grammar etc.

By analyzing all these keywords and synonyms SE’s try to understand the overall theme of your website or content and to rank your site according to its relevance on a particular searched phrase. For that reason it is very important that you build your web site based on the main theme (or main keyword), supported by related sub themes or sub categories related to that theme.