USA Green Card Lottery is a lottery program conducted by the US Government for winning Permanent Resident Cards. It is also called as Diversity Visa Program. Aplikasi lotre togel

Green Card Lottery program makes available 50,000 visas every year to people who meet the eligibility requirements per the US State Government, who are randomly selected from the entries, from various countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.The program is administered directly from the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center.

How to Win a Green Card Lottery:

Although there is no age limit for the participation in the lottery program, the US Government requires that the applicants who wish to participate in the lottery program must comply with the basic eligibility criteria such as:

Must be the native of one of the qualifying country
Must meet the eligibility requirements i.e either high school education / an equivalent / have two years of work experience in an occupation in the past five years

US Government requires each applicant to fill in the USA Green Card Lottery application online per the instructions during the registration period.

The applicant must submit one application for that fiscal year. Two or more applications will lead to rejection of the entry in the lottery program. On the application form, the applicant must include the spouse and children below 21 years of age. A US Citizen Spouse or child need not be included in the application form.

Selection of Winners:

There is no fee charged for submitting the application form. At the Kentucky Consular Center all applications received from each country or region will be numbered individually. Once the registration period is over, the computer at Kentucky Consular Center will randomly select the entries from all the entries received from all over the country or region.

Entries from each country or region received during the registration period will have equal chances of being selected. The first entry selected randomly will be the first registered case within each country or region. Same way the second entry selected randomly will be the second registered case.